Get your visitors attention!

Try to sell a potential customer on your business with a couple really good sentences. It should tell the customer what you do, what areas you serve, and why they should chose you over your competitors.

Your business at a glance

As everyone knows, first impressions are critical. Take this opportunity to make a new customer!

When potential customers visit your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, and make an impression. Do this with concise and eloquent statements about your business.

Focus on answering the most common questions on your homepage. Highlight some of your defining products or services and encourage people to dive deeper into the site.

Prompt to take action

Bullet List Ideas

  • Key product/service features
  • List your certifications
  • Reasons to chose your business
  • Guarantees you provide
  • Links to your product pages

Learn More

Ordered List Ideas

  1. Overview of your process from start to finish
  2. Things a customer should do before calling / purchasing
  3. Listing a particular number of things: Top 3 reasons...
  4. Step by step instructions

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A concise products/services overview

When someone first comes to a website, they're usually trying to determine answer a few basic questions about the business such as:

Does this business offer the services I need in my area, and can I afford it?

To make your homepage as effective as possible, try to answer these common questions, and then direct potential customers to interior pages of your website if they want to dive into the details about your products or services.

Often times a high level answer to these questions will be enough to get a customer to call, so be sure to tell a customer how to get in touch with you with a call to action like "Call us today for a free estimate at 555-555-5555.

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Deeper down the page is a great place for supportive information.

If a customer is reading content deeper in the page, it means they're engaged with your website, but not quite ready to make a decision. This is a great time to add additional selling points that will entice them to give you a call.

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Show off your testimonials

If you have a fantastic testimonial to share, your homepage is not a bad place to do it. Ideally the testimonial should be short and to the point, and be limited to 2-3 sentences. This will ensure more people actually read it!

- Satisfied Customer